Radical Theory, Social Critiques and Human Liberation

The BROTHERWISE DISPATCH is an independent journal focused on radical theory, social critiques, emancipatory aesthetics and human liberation.

We publish ESSAYS, CRITIQUES, COMMENTARY & PHILOSOPHICAL FRAGMENTS and INTERVIEWS & EXCLUSIVES on a quarterly basis (March, June, September, December) while our MEDIA CHESSBOXING section is updated whenever we feel like it.

The BROTHERWISE DISPATCH does not express any official consolidated view, nor are we affiliated with any institution or partisan political organization: the philosophies, theories, perspectives and views expressed are exclusively those of the each corresponding writer and contributor.

The BROTHERWISE DISPATCH is run completely by volunteers who are concerned with developing a venue for rigorous intellectual activity outside of formal academic settings in an effort to cultivate critical perspectives for enhancing an understanding of human 'being' which aims at revealing potentialities in contributing towards genuine human liberation within a global context.

The BROTHERWISE DISPATCH is committed to bridging the intellectual chasm that separates ‘the Academy’ from ‘the streets’ and not exacerbate that fault line.

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